Owner: Jim Lesko  Cage: 4GN73
 Phone: 512-484-7611  Duns: 783199578
 Email:  3817 Bent Brook Drive Round Rock, TX 78664  Credit Cards Accepted

General Contracting & Construction Management

AgHOAgH2O Holdings, LLC is a general contracting and construction management firm that specializes in government work, project management, material and labor sourcing, engineering, trucking and aggregate hauling, as well as landscape supplies such as trees and shrubs.

AgH2O Holdings, LLC is committed to setting the highest standards in our industry for service and excellence. We employ knowledgeable and professional personnel, subcontractors, and vendors who are experienced and committed to upholding the highest standards and job site safety requirements.

Here's a brief look at some recent projects:

   Why Choose Us?
  • Proven track record for quality project completion that's on time within budget.
  • We approach client's needs with sensitivity to demands and the ability to adapt to any situation.
  • Commitment to providing first-class construction projects.
  • Ability to assist clients in
    pre-construction review and value engineering

Mission Statement
AgH2O strives to exceed our client's expectations by delivering quality work, on time and within budget. Integrity, attention to detail, and professionalism are the hallmarks of AgH2O.

Services, NAICS, Cage & Duns
 Commercial Building Construction  236230
 Industrial Equipment Supply  423830
 Site Work and Utilities   237210
 Concrete Structures  238390
 Interior Finishes  337212
 Demolition  238910
 Sand and Aggregate Supply  333131
 Trucking and Hauling  484110
 Nursery and Landscape Supply  111421
Cage: 4GN73
Duns: 783199578

Owner: Jim Lesko
Phone: 512-484-7611
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AgH2O is also registered with the Federal Central Contractors Registry (CCR) and the Texas Dept. of Transportation (TXDOT).

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